Free Damp Test

At the Caravan Hospital we believe in helping our customers keep their caravans healthy, and offer a FREE damp test in an effort to catch water ingress early on and save on expensive work later on. We use the tester shown, which allows us to monitor the onset of damp and catch it at the optimum moment.

  • Readings between (0-15%) no cause for concern
  • Readings between (15-20%) dealer to make a note of these readings and re-check at next service.
  • Readings between (20-24%) possible early signs of ingress, look for tangible evidence or ask for a re-check.
  • Readings between (25-30%) moisture evident, remedial work required; may not need stripdown unless surface damage (staining, pimpling, and softness) is apparent. (There is a risk of wallboard deterioration due to retained moisture in the structure if resealed only.)
  • Reading (31 % and above) structural damage is occurring, deterioration inevitable. a full stripdown of the affected area is required.